Go for a Paddle

 We got a kayak! An inflatable, super comfortable, spacious and convenient kayak! And we LOVE it!

Originally when I put ‘go for a paddle’ on our Spring Bucket List I’d intended to try paddle boarding but that’s ok we’ll try that another time because for now we are having so much fun in our new kayak. It gives us an excuse to go exploring and catch some rays. As you can imagine we spend A LOT of time on the computer indoors with our work and we often catch each other day dreaming out the window wishing we were splashing about in the ocean we can see from our place, and now we have a reason that we HAVE TO get out there and enjoy it… and of course switch off from work mode.

It has been so much fun already and we’ve decided that this activity is going to extend merely our Spring Bucket List… we have made a deal that no matter what the weather we will go kayaking at least once a week… regardless of our work schedule…. because 1) we SERIOUSLY need the exercise, 2) we SERIOUSLY need the sun/air, 3) we SERIOUSLY need down time together and 4) because we just SERIOUSLY WANT to!

I took my phone on one of our trips – I had no intention of using it of course what with it supposed to be our down time – but I was going to take a picture for Instagram; there we were in the middle of a huge fresh water lake/dam which we had completely to ourselves and I hear my phone going off. Somehow I had reception and my 12 year old little sister who lives in the UK was Skyping me. It was amazing getting to share our little adventure with her and… surreal. Gotta love technology when it makes experiences like that possible.  Here are some pictures from the same trip. (The Instagram picture of me reading was for like 15 minutes, Shaun tried to make out to our friends and family who saw the picture that he did all the paddling but honestly he’s full of it! Whilst he was fussing around attaching the Gopro to our oars little old me was left to do all the hard work, so I totally deserved the break. The moral of this story? Don’t believe a word he says!)