Spring Bucket List

It’s Spring! My favourite time of year! So it definitely deserves a dedicated Blog Post

Growing up in the UK I always loved Spring for a number of reasons:

1) Easter; A time when I could eat monstrous amounts of chocolate minus judgement for my almost supernatural ability to consume a year’s worth of chocolate without being sick a supernatural talent I still maintain today I might add.

2) My Birthday; I always had great weather on my Springtime Birthday (April 27th), Sadly I’m not ageing gracefully these days;  I’m only 26 and I already dread getting older every year. On my 26th I had a slight meltdown, something along the lines of, “But Shaaaauuunn, I’m not early 20’s anymore I’m late 20’swhich is nearly 30!” Having said that I still like presents, and I still love an excuse to celebrate!

3) Daffodils; They seemed to literally appear over night on the first day of Spring. Bright happy yellow flowers nodding about in the breeze announcing “Winter is over, you can come out and play now!”

4) Freshly cut grass; My favourite smell which still makes me instantly smile. As soon as Spring came in England everyone would mow their lawnsalmost collectively like a communal grass cutting ‘Spring Welcoming’ party.

I’m not in the UK anymore of course, I’m in Australia with my wonderful Australian husband but even on the opposite side of the world, where Spring falls from September to November, it still remains my favourite Season for other reasons:

1) Our Wedding Anniversary; Honestly I’m proud to say that we’re one of those couples that appreciate each other every day and regularly make time for date nights. But! We still make time to celebrate our Anniversary too and write love letters to each other, a tradition which we intend to keep up for at least the next 60 years!

2) The weather warms up which means we can walk in the sun, picnic in the sun, swim in the sun, drink cider in the sun you get the gist.

3) Wedding Season; A very busy time for us of course. A time when we get to do lots of what we love (filming people in love) and in the process we get to meet people, make heaps of friends and most importantly make people happy!

Anyway, the other day, a post popped up on my facebook feed from Krysta at Big Deal Branding (I’ll tell you more about Big Deal later). Krysta is a branding genius and her blog site ‘Stilettos’ is incredibly empowering to wannabe/kinda-already-are entrepreneurs, but she has turned out to be more than just a professional ‘muse’to us, she also gives us personal motivation to do the things we love! And this particularly facebook post did just that. It was simply ‘Krysta’s Fall Bucket List’. (If you’re wondering, ‘Fall’ is Autumn crazy American). We’ve all heard of Bucket Lists; A list of Dreams/Goals that you intend to carry out before you die but a Seasonal Bucket List; A short-term and immediately accomplishable list of objectives Genius! So with this post popping up on what was my first day of Spring, and what with it being my favourite Season and all; I decided that I too would create a Seasonal Bucket List and here it is!

Bucket List Image

So watch this space to find out how I get on with my ‘Spring Bucket List’!

TJ xxx

P.S. Since writing this blog post we have successfully accomplished all of our Spring Bucket List Goals! Yipee… we’re a bit slack so we haven’t had time to write blog posts on all of them yet but for now you can watch a short film we made of our ‘Flight in the Clouds‘ (so cool) and read all about us ‘Going for a Paddle‘ too!