Fly in the clouds

Wahey! We’ve ticked off number 1 on our Spring Bucket List.  We flew in the clouds by Hot Air Balloon! And we did it over one of our favourite spots in Australia, Byron Bay.

We went ballooning in New Zealand once but it was so foggy we could barely see anything, we could just hear the sheep below.  (Have you seen that NZ film called ‘Black Sheep’? It’s about zombie sheep I’m serious. So the sound of ‘baaaa’ coming from the mist below us was super funny).

Anyway, we’ve always wanted to go ballooning again and couldn’t believe our luck when one of our lovely couples surprised us with the incredibly thoughtful and generous gift of two hot air balloon tickets. And what with being Spring in Sunny Australia, we were bound to get better weather for it this time around!

Byron Bay never disappoints us; we always have the most amazing time there and this occasion was no exception.

It was an incredible journey on a perfect morning and I don’t think words could do the experience proper justice so take a look at the photos and video clip instead (yes they are all taken on an iPhonewith a 3am start you’ll have to forgive us for forgetting our cameras on this one occasion).

main timeline.MOV.Still002 main timeline.MOV.Still003 main timeline.MOV.Still005 main timeline.MOV.Still006 main timeline.MOV.Still007 main timeline.MOV.Still008

(Just in case zombie sheep excite you as much as they do us, here’s a link to the trailer for Black Sheep…… Hahaha so ridiculous).