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A couple of weeks ago I (Toni-Jo) received the phone call of my life! I won $40,000 on the Sunrise Cash Cow… I know, seriously, who actually wins these things?!

Shaun and I have always laughed that I’m never allowed to buy a Lottery Ticket or a Scratchcard because I’m the unluckiest girl alive…. well looks like the winds have changed! Woohoo!

Anyway… the title of this post said we’d be running a competition so let’s get back on track!

We realise how lucky we are to have won $40k and want to pay our good fortune forward. We want to spread the luck (and good will) around… there’s enough happiness to go round right?!

So how will this ‘Pay it Forward Competition’ work, how do you enter and most importantly, what’s the prize?

The prize is a huge one… You could win a FREE Wedding Film worth a massive $3,600! This is the Biggest Competition we have ever run!

The plan with this ‘Pay it Forward’ idea (you’ve probably already guessed) is that, if you win, you continue the chain by doing something incredibly special for someone, and the recipient of your good deed also ‘pays it forward’ and so on…. EVERYONE has something to give, whether it’s your time, a unique skill, or a simple good deed (I don’t mean just buying someone a chocolate bar though – cheapskates). Whatever you give has to involve some kind of effort on your part… for us it will cost us $3,600 but more importantly the 40 or so hours of work we’ll be doing for free. So make it a good one!

We’ll also ask that you send us proof of your pay it forward good deed within a month. And you’ll ask the same of your Recipient. Then we can post all the pictures and stories to our page to see how far this thing goes!

Entering the competition is easy peesy… Just send us an email to hello@lemontreefilmhouse.com or a facebook message answering the following questions and of course you’ve gotta ‘like’ our facebook page:-

1) Like our facebook page (some people’s privacy settings make it impossible for us to see if they’ve liked our page so take a photo or screen shot and send it through as proof).

2) Tell us about your wedding including the date, venue(s), styling etc and most importantly any special or unique details you have planned for your wedding.

3) Answer this question (just browse through our website and blog to find the answer): “How and where did Shaun and TJ (that’s us) meet?’

4) Tell us how you plan to also ‘Pay it Forward’ if you’re the lucky winner.

And that’s it! We’re accepting entries until 5.00pm Tuesday 8th July 2014 and we’ll be announcing the winner on Wednesday the 9th July at 7.00pm! So you have a whole 4 weeks to enter! It will take you maybe 10 minutes max and the prize is AMAZING! So get on to it!

Make sure to read the competition Terms and Conditions here: Pay it Forward Terms and Conditions

  1. Jessica Harkins
    Jun 15th

    You both met in Spain,. Shaun had been working on and off for 6 years and TJ for 6 months. TJ had been frequenting the bar where Shaun worked (girl of my own heart haha) and Shaun never charged her for a drink. TJ asked for a Tequila (which came without the lemon and salt so she asked for it. Shaun handed her a bag of salty chips and that got them both laughing. Love soon followed them home!!! Great story, loved it.

    My partner Greg and myself are getting married in November this year at the Powerboat Club, Caloundra.. We met at a bar also, in Mooloolaba 9 years ago. We both have 2 children each -2 boys, 2 girls. Because we are a blended family our wedding is alot about the children. We are having our ceremony complete with vows for Greg and I and then we are doing “hand fastening” which consists of each of our children tying a coloured ribbon on our wrists and hands to symbolise the tying together of family. The kids will each say something which represents the colour and significance to our family. Once we release our hands we will have a blended circle of colour which signifies the making and blending of our beautiful family! We can not wait and this prize would be such a blessing to us and our children. Thanks for the opportunity 🙂 Jess

  2. erica & nick
    Jun 24th

    Hi Guys,

    We’d love to enter in your competition!
    1. Erica has liked your FB page
    2. Wedding is in Mudgee at St Mary’s church then at the Vinegrove, styling is Gold, White and Latte colour. Unique will be the number of kids involved as we have a heap of nieces and nephews and the war cry Nick’s family are going to sing.
    3. You guys met in Spain at a bar over a salty pack of chips, some tequila and the infamous lemon
    4. Pay it forward – this is probably the hardest question to answer, but the most important.. What we’d like to do is help out at a shelter one night a week for 5 weeks, but the problem there is that then we can’t get them to pay it forward back.. it would end there…
    Hope to hear from you soon

  3. Joanne Ramos
    Jun 27th

    Hi Toni-Jo and Shaun,

    First of all congratulations on the cash cow win. I love the idea of pay it forward, since I watched the movie. Every now and then, I would do a small thing like buy a coffee for the next person, so when someone orders a latte it’s already been paid for.

    Just been reading your blog and I think your story of how you met in Spain and the story of the lemon is so sweet. Our story is very similar. Long story but in short guy meets girl in a bar on a random Wednesday night and insulted my shot of squashed frog. I retaliated by telling him to take a shot with me. Rest is history. But it was very much fate that brought us together and if your interested why? Then please read the rest on our wedding website mywedding.com/edwardjoanne.

    Our wedding day is on the 10/08/2014 at Maleny Manor, Maleny Qld. Reasoning for our wedding date, is that I love the look of full moon, and apparently on this date, we will experience a super moon in Aus. I just love what our pics would look like, hand and hand under the moonlight sky. But what we didn’t realise is that we will now share a wedding anniversary as Ed’s maternal grandparents, which made this day even more special. So our theme is Alice in Winderland. Lots of quirky things like mismatched bridesmaids, centrepieces, lawn games, Pimms cocktail and instead of canapés, we’re having finger sandwiches and scones pre-dinner.

    I am Filipino-born and want to incorporate my heritage by having a traditional Filipino ceremony. Ed is from England, and we thought quirky Alice in Wonderland theme gives a nod to his British heritage. We now both live in Aus, so we choose to have the wedding here. Few of our families and close friends are travelling to witness us say our vows to each other. We have incorporated many little touches that will mean a lot to both our families. Like Ed’s late paternal grandmother’s Victorian sponge recipe that’s been passed on to generations as our wedding cake, as. a surprise for his Dad, is just one of the examples. (We actually have a copy of her handwritten recipe, and we will display this next to the wedding cake. We’ve stolen the copy while Ed’s mum wasn’t looking sssshhhh).

    This wedding video would mean the world to us, as many of our family and friends cannot afford to come and see us wed. We plan on going back to the UK and Philippines on Dec, and hopefully sharing our video with the rest of the family.

    Pay it forward…. It’s such a wonderful feeling to be able to give back. If we win this amazing price, (I’ve been planning this for awhile, even before this price), I am a registered nurse and I would love to one day if funds allow me to, is to volunteer my services in Philippines in a hospital. Especially after Cyclone Yolanda devastated parts of it. I’ve been privately raising funds to be able to do so. Ed is a primary school teacher and he has done volunteer work building houses in South America, he too is very excited to give back, and teach in Philippines with me. This is what we will do if we win this price.

    Many thanks for this allowing such a wonderful opportunity for so many couples.

    Joanne and Edward

  4. Jennifer Doulman
    Jul 1st

    You Met in Spain, travelling the world!

    Hi I’m Jen and Angus and I are getting married September 6th.

    Everyones wedding is special but here are some reason why we think our wedding is special to us.:
    – We are getting married in my grandparents church St Augustines Catholic Church Balmain. Angus is not religious at all but he and i felt it would be a nice way to honour my grandparents. Angus has been very diligent in ensuring he does all the “catholic stuff” “by the book” with a few jokes to get him through of course.
    – The priest that is marrying us is a relative of my grandfather who has now passed away. His father was the alter boy at my grandparents wedding!
    – Our reception is at The Dome restaurant at the Arthouse Hotel in the CBD, we wanted to have our wedding in a “propper” nice restaurant and it helps that the room is beautiful!
    – Angus dad will be our MC for the night
    – Angus has chosen all the music from “into my arms” nick cave to walk down the aisle, to the band at the reception and even the 1st dance!
    – Angus loves his suit so much that he wont let me see it till the wedding day.
    – We don’t really have a theme just simple flowers and decor that matched in with each venue as the are both so ornate places. (mostly purchased from ETSY)
    – Much to Angus dismay his favourite beer VB can’t be served at our wedding so i am planning to sneak some in under my dress SHHHH.
    We think every wedding is unique and special its the people not the things that count, so we aren’t going over the top, we aren’t spending loads of money.

    MMMM how can i pay it forward, well my future mother in law is making out wedding cake (she is amazing) so i guess i would love to pay it forward by her and I making a wedding cake for someone special out there? Find a picture and we will make it!



  5. Sarah Puckey
    Jul 4th

    My partner Kyle and I have booked our wedding for Friday 4th September 2015 at Osteria, Casuarina. We wanted a venue that we could hold both the ceremony and reception and Osteria is absolutely perfect.

    Our theme is rustic & Italian chic…. with vintage furniture in the garden for guests to relax in after the ceremony with a cocktail and finger food, followed by an Italian shared table feast with carafes of red wine, warm fairy lights, personalized bunting and our most favourite songs playing in the background.

    The day before our wedding is my grandad’s 80th Birthday so I want to spend a few moments celebrating that special milestone with all of our family and friends.. I thought it would be super cute to create a slide show with some old school photos of my granddad. (Osteria have a hug projector so we will be using this throughout the reception).
    We want our wedding to be an emotional, visually stunning experience that our guests will walk away with full hearts (and stomachs).

    We are so excited! And would love for it all to be captured on film.

    A: Shaun and TJ met in a bar in Spain where Shaun was working and TJ was a regular. TJ had ordered a tequila shot and requested a ‘Lemon’ which coincidentally there was only one that night picked by Shaun off his tree.

    If Kyle and I were lucky enough to win this amazing prize, we would go straight down to the animal welfare league and sign up for volunteer work for the next year and a half. It’s something we have always wanted to do but haven’t found time to do so.. We met our beautiful cat Hugo at the AWL and have spoken about spending more time helping out. with whatever they need. Hugo had been down at Grafton in a pound for some time and was due to be put down, but AWL had organised for him to be sent up to the Gold Coast where we met him a few days later. So we are very thankful.

    Thanks for your time Shaun and TJ.

  6. Sarah Bilston
    Aug 9th

    Just wanting a quote and to see if you guys would be free on March 14 2015