“Let me try to convince my partner and I’ll get back to you”

“Let me try to convince my partner and I’ll get back to you”. We’ve heard these words from brides-to-be A LOT… TOO often that’s for sure. And here’s what we think.

If you’re partner needs convincing that cinematography, or our work in particular, is a worthy investment for your wedding day, then we’d rather you not bother. I know how that sounds; pretty darn rude. But here’s the thing; for every groom that needs “convincing” we have another couple that are BOTH invested in film and BOTH believe that we’re personally worth every cent.

We have spent years on not just building a ‘profitable business’ but one that we are super proud of. We work so hard and spend a ridiculous amount of time on editing each one of our films (like seriously the hours that we’re physically at your wedding do not even come close to the weeks we spend editing your film), we are perfectionists and most importantly we are so passionate about what we do.

And so honestly, when we’re told that someone needs “convincing”, it’s actually pretty insulting.

I get the budget thing. After all we’re married ourselves and we know that 90% of the time your original budget when planning your wedding gets blown out the water, but the short of it is, film is either a priority to you or it isn’t. And if it isn’t then we’d rather be booked by a couple where it is because then at least we know that our presence at your wedding is 100% wanted not 50%.

There was a time when we turned up to where the groom and his groomsmen were getting ready and actually had a groom act ‘surprised’ that we’re there. Let’s be honest, it is VERY unlikely that the groom didn’t know we’d be coming and much more likely that he felt the need to act ‘uninterested in this wedding business’ in front of his friends (especially as he’d met with us beforehand. A serious case of amnesia perhaps?) … but nonetheless that didn’t make it any less awkward or embarrassing for us and quite frankly we were on a serious downer for the rest of the day questioning why we put so much love into what we do if THAT is how we’re treated.

So that happened ONCE and once only. Ever since we’ve made absolutely sure that every COUPLE (not just the bride) feels that film is a priority to them, they love OUR work in particular, they like us personally, they find our enthusiasm contagious and they appreciate our style and our professional approach, but most of all, they put their trust in us too. Like any job, whether it be corporate or creative, you perform better when you feel appreciated and we’re no exception to that rule.

So, with absolutely no disrespect intended, if you or your partner have ANY reservations about hiring us, please don’t. And not just us… please don’t hire a photographer, a cake maker or a candlestick maker for that matter if you don’t feel 150% convinced that each and every one of them is going to make you’re super special day (and the memories of that day) even more special. If any part of your day (whether it be product or service) seems to be more of an ‘expense’ than an ‘investment’ then don’t go for it.

  1. Mitch
    Jul 4th

    Guys, this is 1000% how I feel. I’m newer to this than you guys and definitely have taken those types of bookings where one party just can’t be bothered, and it sucks! As you say, you want to feel energised by the couple you’re working for, and that will produce a much better result. Really needed to read this to keep my focus on the right types of couples to work with – great post!