Hayley & Joe, Coronation Hall, Somerset Dam

I don’t know if you’re familiar with Somerset Dam but if not… you should be! It is a spectacularly, breathtakingly, gorgeously (that’s a word right?) beautiful spot so when Hayley and Joe told us that’s where they were getting married we could not be more excited!

Actually, we COULD be more excited. Hayley’s second email told us about Joe’s incredibly romantic New York New Year’s proposal, which is all very lovely but what actually got me excited was Hayley’s description of the best fried chicken they had ever eaten. I feel we should share with you the transcript of that discussion: –

H: “We hiked the Grand Canyon covered in snow too.  And I had the most amazing fried chicken in my life from Gus’ Fried Chicken in Memphis.  The juice from the BREAST was running down my arm…. omg.  I haven’t had KFC since.”

Me (TJ): “I love that you completely just plugged Gus’ Fried Chicken… Are you hoping for a loyalty card? Free lifetime supply? An advertising deal? It worked… We will definitely check it out if (when) we go to Memphis.”

Following the above discussion, I just KNEW that we were gonna get along with H & J reeeeeally well.

So enough about the finger lickin’ fried chicken (it’s still on my ‘bucket’ 😉 list) and back to what matters most… H & J’s beautiful, rustic country, DIY wedding.

The ceremony was wild and windy and with haybale seating overlooking the most insanely gorgeous view it made the perfect ceremony setting.

The reception was held in Coronation Hall which is a DIY bride’s dream as they allow you to get in your own caterers, your own furniture and style the place exactly how you want to with no restrictions.

But I don’t want to give too much away so we’ll let our film do the rest of the talking:-