Film Frenzy

So a month or two ago I was asked to dress up in my wedding dress again for a photography session with Film Frenzy. Of course I jumped at the chance, though clearly Shaun’s been treating me too well since we got married because the dress was considerably tighter this time around!

Shaun came along and filmed the process, just for fun, so check out the video below.

I hope you liked our film but you should also have a read of the fantastic Guest Blog by our friends at FILM FRENZY to hear what it’s all actually about…

“Some people may wonder in the year 2014 why anyone would bother shooting film.  Digital photography is so sophisticated, affordable and prevalent.

These alone are some of the reasons why I don’t shoot digital. 

Shooting with a film camera is worlds apart from using a DSLR. Not just technically, but it feels different.  Film has a soul. Shooting film makes you slow down, spend more time composing and fine tuning your shot, metering for the light, it makes you present in the moment.  You aren’t constantly peering at the back of your camera.  You are connecting with your subject.  You are not distracted from your subject. 

All the best things in life are worth waiting for.  I don’t go home and back up CF cards to my computer.  It might be a week or even more before I wait with anticipation for my negatives to appear from my C41 developer.  It’s such a thrill!  I get to re-live the moments all over again as the scans appear on the screen in front of me.  The excitement is intense as I see beautiful images on the screen for the very first time since clicking that shutter button.  Shooting film can be a lesson in patience.  There’s no instant gratification in a world full of instant everything.  There is no better feeling than finding a roll of film and having no idea what might be on it.  I have found some true gems in little film time capsules that have been found around my house.

My strong passion for shooting film has inspired me to launch Brisbane’s first boutique custom film lab – Film Frenzy.  The images in the film made by Lemon Tree Film House were shot behind the scenes at a recent photo shoot gathering images and data to help other photographers shoot and fall in love with film like we have.  Come and see us at Film Frenzy – We love your film. 

Susan, Lillie + Hannah

Film Frenzy”


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  1. megan
    Feb 9th

    this is so beautiful! i would love to know where the location is…devine !!!