Cara & Nick, Adora Downs

Wowzers! Did Cara and Nick’s wedding look like something out of a magazine! So gorgeous! The rustic country venue, Adora Downs, came complete with an old school bus, a wagon shed styled as a quaint ‘chapel’ and a great big barn for the reception and this Australiana country setting coupled with Cara’s contrasting glamorous styling (think sequin-clad bridesmaids, gold foil confetti, the most gorgeous foliage suspended from a wagon wheel on the ceiling and native flowers everywhere) was a visual feast for the eyes!

We have never met a group of bridesmaids that are so adorable together… seeing them in their matching onesies and spooning in bed (in a cute way, not in a weird ‘we shouldn’t be here’ kinda way), you could totally imagine them as little girls together doing the exact same thing years ago. They laughed all day, danced the night away and celebrated with as much enthusiasm and excitement for their friend as if it was their own big day and it was clear that her friends’ adoration of her was a reflection of the kind of woman Cara is; warm-hearted, passionate and loyal. We have no doubt that these attributes will make her the perfect wife for her country boy hubby Nick! Who, FYI, is equally as humble and genuine and will make just as good a husband for Cara!

We love the soundtrack to our extended highlights film; we literally spent 2 days choosing music that fit the footage and the tone of their day perfectly and we think that it was worth the time and energy! We’d love to hear your thoughts on the music! Oh yeah… and the film of course! We are over-the-moon with the end result and think that we’ve done their insanely perfect wedding day and their sweet personalities justice. It is so worth spending 9 minutes to watch their video in full (I love the final song of the film) so grab yourself a cuppa (that is such a British thing for me to say), or a left-over Christmas mince pie and enjoy!

P.S. Thanks to Cara and Nick for choosing us to capture your glamorous country wedding, thanks for taking us up on our advice of spending 15 minutes alone together post ceremony to take it all in (we were spying on you from a far and it was so nice to see our advice in action)… and most importantly, thanks to Cara for becoming such a good friend since we filmed your wedding day that you even opened our front door to trick-or-treaters whilst I was trying not to let them see me with my knickers down through a bathroom window!

  1. Trish House
    Dec 28th

    Oh, that was beautiful!! There is so much joy expressed by everyone in such a beautiful way. Congratulations to both of you and may your love build and grow throughout your lives. May all good things come easily to you.


    Auntie Trish
    Natural Dam, Arkansas, USA