Brooke & Andy, Osteria

Brooke & Andy… a perfect couple and just awesome human beings in general.

They absolutely, 110%, made sure that their day was a complete reflection of themselves. Every decision was made with the question of “is this really US?” clearly in mind. From the circular ceremony set up, their Celebrant Johanna of Vogue Vows (who is also one of their good friends), two dresses (the more low key one used to fool Brooke’s Dad before she busted out the ‘big guns’ version, haha, his face was priceless), sharing gummy bears MID ceremony and even the location of their big day… looking around you could tell exactly the type of people they were.

We had so much fun spending the day with B&A who literally smiled and giggled allllll day, who were completely at ease and reminded us, yet again, why we love doing what we do.

Working alongside James Day is a barrel of fun too! TIP: ALWAYS make sure that your photographer and videographer shoot in the same style with the same goal in mind. 🙂

Without further ado, find out what’s under a Scotsman’s kilt!