Why it really sucks filming weddings for a living…

1) Having to spend our lives surrounded by happiness. Happy people everywhere… couples in love, proud parents, laughing guests… I mean, give us a break. We just want to hang out with some down in the dumps co-workers and demanding bosses; dealing with so much joy day in day out is seriously ‘joyless’.

2) Having to travel to far and away places. We’re talking the Whitsundays, New Zealand, Japan by planes, boats, helicopters. A 2-hour commute to the city, sitting in standstill traffic every morning and night we could deal with but exotic places with the same happy people again… so much hassle.

3) Appreciative clients. Fairly often I have to dispose of dying flowers, my waistline has to suffer the strain of consuming too much chocolate, we have to dress Remy in handmade dresses, spend the evening in Gold Class cinema seats… as if we don’t suffer enough from points 1 and 2; our clients have to add to our suffering by sending us gifts of gratitude. Why oh why can’t we work a 9-5 job, working for ‘the man’ who doesn’t appreciate our hard work, who doesn’t even know our names? We long for anonymity and a salary that doesn’t reflect the passion and commitment we put into our work.

4) Having to work alongside my husband / Shaun alongside his wife. I promised to marry you not spend every single day of my life with you. Oh wait. :-b

Seriously though, sometimes people look at us like ‘filming weddings’ isn’t a ‘real job’ and you know what? I think I’m tempted to agree with them because we may work really hard and we may work very long hours but if the above points are anything to go by it really isn’t ‘work’ at all.