Why Film?

The story of life is quicker then the blink of an eye, the story of love is hello, goodbye.” – Jimi Hendrix

… And that’s why film is so important on your wedding day. A means of capturing the most momentous day, and what is essentially a split second, of your much longer love story.  A film allows you to not just ‘speak’ your story for years to come, with the details of your memories fading as years pass, but having the means to ‘tell’ your story visually and audibly, to yourselves, to your children and to your grandchildren.

Honestly, we know how much weddings cost. It’s crazy! And film/video is yet another expense and one you might be considering whether to forego… please don’t. We would love to be the ones to capture your day but even if we aren’t, please make sure that you understand the importance and investment a film has to offer. A few thousand now is nothing when 10, 20, 30 years have passed and you’re able to relive your day and share the memories in whole, not just snapshots, but the laughter, spoken vows, the music and dancing.

Choose the right videographers/cinematographers for YOU. It’s your story after all and needs to be told in a way that reflects you both entirely so that your film and your memories are authentic. That doesn’t just mean capable cinematographers but ones that ‘get you’ and who are completely on the same wave length as you. They need to be the sort of people that you’ll end up being friends with for years to come… because after all, you’re sharing the most intimate of days with them and they’ll be the ones to tell your story so who better than friends? (Friends who also happen to be really good with a camera and editing software of course).

So to reiterate the above, we thought we’d let one of ‘our’ brides tell you herself. This is an email we received from Sam whose wedding reception was held at Babalou Restaurant in Kingscliff:

“We are just so grateful to you both for the work you did and all the effort you put in. We are just so happy, not only for deciding to make sure we had our wedding filmed, but that we chose you both to do it!

 I said right from the start that I definitely wanted a video, when I told people this, I did have some that said that’s what they cut when the wedding costs were getting too high, and others that just didn’t even look into it. There were also a number of friends who said if there was one thing they would go back and change, it would be to make sure they hired a videographer! I made it very clear from the start that it was a must that we had our wedding filmed, and professionally!

 The Photography and Videography was a massive decision process for me, out of everything with the wedding, that is what I spent the most time on researching and deciding on. I am so glad I took the time to do it, and that I came across you guys 🙂 

 The photos and film were both very important to us, as we wanted to be able to look back and relive it all, especially with having our babies there. I wouldn’t not have our beautiful photos either another must! But I have to say that being able to actually watch it all in film really is priceless! Things we have already forgotten, you have captured and allowed us to now remember, and watch back forever.”