Trish & Casey, Tatra, Mount Dandenong, VIC

Ever had one of those moments that you get ‘sprung’ in the toilets? Well I certainly did! You see it was my birthday, and this was the first birthday EVER I had chosen to film a destination wedding instead of having a party. So in walks this guy with this confused, shocked face ‘What are you doing?’ looking at me. There I am in a panic trying to dry one of our very expensive lenses under the hand dryer, which had fogged up in all the rain. It rained so much the day of Trish and Casey’s wedding, that a lot of couples would have stayed inside or really let it get to them. But not these two, in fact they barely even noticed. They smiled, laughed and cried the day away, with Casey lining up one surprise after the next, whilst Trish had a few dancing traditions of her own (think choreographed bridal party and Greek dancing circle). And remember the host from the 80’s blind date show? Well guess who was their celebrant? Yep, he had the crowd in stitches.

Tatra in Mount Dandenong., was foggy and moody outside (just how it should be in our opinion) but was super warm and cosy inside with the fire roaring. The whole day was amazing and to top it off Casey finished the night with a song he played to his lovely new wife.

As you can see; smiles, laughter, personal vows, great speeches and a whole lotta love is what makes a great wedding, not the weather. So if you get caught in the rain on your wedding day embrace it, after all who doesn’t love to dance in the rain and jump in puddles and anyway you’re only going to wear that dress once right?