The Story Behind ‘Lemon Tree Film House’

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‘Lemon Tree Film House’ isn’t just a company name to us. If you haven’t already guessed, everything we do has to have meaning to us and a story behind it… and Lemon Tree Film House is no different.

When we were rebranding we deliberated a lot over our new company name. We came up with lots of great ones too but in the end we decided that none of the others felt right. We felt (feel) that our new brand was the next step in our journey together so it made sense that our identity should remind us of the journey we’ve taken together (very deep)

And our whole journey started with a Lemon Tree.

Shaun and I met in Spain; we were both living and working there, myself only for 6 months, Shaun had been there on and off for 6 years (Consequently Shaun speaks fluent Spanish don’t you know? He’s so modest about that skill though whereas I am so proud of my bilingual hubby that I tell everyone given the chance! Here’s the proof of that!)

Anyway Shaun was working in a bar which I used to frequent most nights (it was a party lifestyle to say the least) and he never charged me for a drink smooth operator. One night I asked Shaun for a Tequila shot and of course he obligedbut he didn’t give me salt and lemon (‘bar’ was obviously used loosely) so I asked him. “And Lemon?”. I had no idea why he seemed so smug when he presented me with the lemon until months later. Then I asked him “and the salt?” to which he turned round to face the back of the bar and appeared to be looking for the salt so I wondered why I could see his shoulders shaking from laughter. That is, until he turned around and presented me with a bag of Salty Chips. I found it hilarious obviously but I didn’t say a word; I just took the bag, opened it, took out a chip, licked it, then knocked back the tequila and sucked on the wedge of lemon.

It was the bag of chips that made a lasting impression on me, but it was only months later that Shaun told me that the real twist of fate was the lemon. That night was the only night in the entire 6 month summer season that there was a lemon in the bar just 1 and it was Shaun that had decided to pick it from a tree in his garden that day (though every other day he had looked at that tree and never even considered it). Now I don’t know about you but we believe in fate and so we feel that that Lemon Tree was the first step in our very long journey.

We actually made this story a focal point of our wedding ceremony so you should definitely watch our own wedding video!