Suzi & Brendan, Wollongong

These guys rock! Seriously.

We film A LOT of destination weddings but hadn’t been to Wollongong before and Suzi and Brendan sure knew how to show us a good time there!

When a trio of bridesmaids perform a surprise medley of songs (each singing solo) at the top of their lungs to a room full of people, you just know that Suzi must be one special gal and an amazing friend to deserve such serenading!

And as for Brendan, he is clearly just as beautiful inside (and out… you handsome devil) as you can tell from his huge jovial smile and… well… from the fact he’s marrying such a sweetheart!

These guys didn’t just exchange wedding rings, they went one step (quite a few steps actually) better than that… they got tattoos on their wedding day to represent their commitment to each other (and most likely because tattoos are just rad really aren’t they).

S & B clearly don’t take life too seriously; they have the capacity to laugh at themselves (us Brits have self-deprecating sense of humours so I really appreciate this in a person), they have friends and family that just like them are an absolute barrel of laughs, and they pushed the boundaries with their wedding day tattoos that we just knew they’d be up for having the ‘boundaries pushed’ with the editing of their film too.

Not to blow our own trumpet too much but with us and their awesome photographer Thomas Stewart Suzi and Brendan well and truly had the ‘dream team’ capture their day (and we had so much fun working together)!

Oh one last thing: Suzi’s relationship with her Dad was just too gorgeous for words (even if he does cease to acknowledge her existence on occasion. You’ll get what I mean when you hear Suzi’s speech). I would well up every time I watched his expression when he first saw her. But then I am a soppy fool.

  1. ROBB
    Mar 13th

    …. Congratulations Suzi and Brendan ……. Wow what a beautiful Wedding and a touching Video of you two .. great work lemon Tree.