Commercial Work

As you know, 95% of our work is shooting weddings but we do also offer commercial services. Our biggest client is Super A-Mart and every month or two we shoot some TV footage for them. Yes a lot of those super sexy sofa shots you see are by little old Lemon Tree Film House.

At one such ‘gig’ in April Shaun wore an outfit of chinos and a navy shirt to the shoot only to find that he just so happened to be matching their exact lounge scene colour scheme – can you guess what happened? Yep, Shaun got roped in to do a little acting work! (He totally loved it too!). So keep an eye out for him in their upcoming television commercial!

In October last year we also shot their corporate event which involved 2 days of filming, running through the streets of Brisbane to capture their ‘Amazing Race’, a ‘Block’ themed styling challenge (complete with staff trying to sneak huge rugs under their jumpers because they’d gone ‘over budget’) and to top it off, a ‘Same Day Edit’ highlights reel that was shown at their formal event on the second night. It was pretty intense and challenging but a whole lot of fun!

Here’s the Same Day Edit for the Super A-Mart Conference (that we put together in a record 3 hours) so you can see what we got up to:-

Our passion though is actually shooting for small creative businesses (like our own) of course so if you have a business that you think could benefit from a short film then get in touch!