Scott & Kirsten, Osteria, Casuarina

Right now I’m eating breakfast with one hand whilst typing this blog with the other; I usually can’t do that. And not due to my lack of ambidextrous abilities (although I should admit to having spilt muesli absolutely everywhere for that precise reason; that could possibly be the most Hipster problem ever “I spilt organic almond milk and goji berrys all over my mac whilst blogging”) but because usually I need to focus 100% on what I’m writing when blogging a wedding.

And why would I be telling you about my breakfast? Well the truth is, this ‘ease’ of being able to eat brekkie whilst writing about Scott and Kirsten’s wedding is exactly representative of how ‘easy’ capturing their day was for us, how ‘easy’ it was to edit their film and how ‘casual’ their attitudes were on the day (like we were old friends). They were a couple that were 150% relaxed with each other, in front of cameras and with the whole wedding gig really. There wasn’t an iota of nerves to be seen (or at least they managed to hide them really well if there were) and their relaxed attitude allowed them to enjoy their day without reservation and consequently allowed us to capture it all pretty damn well (if we say so ourselves).

I always give a synopsis of what ‘stood out’ to us at each wedding and with Scott and Kirsten it was the way that they were so clearly ‘best buds’ above all else. Every happy couple are each other’s best friend of course but they were different… they spent more time laughing with each other than with their bridal party (which is actually pretty rare) and I think the fact they also chose to do a ‘first look’ was an indication of how important it was to them to get plenty of time to spend together just the two of them on the day that was, after all, about the two of them.

Enjoy sharing their day with them whilst you watch our film and big kudos to Scott and Kirsten for being legends!