Sandy & Heidi, An Outback Wedding

Sandy and Heidi had a big beautiful wedding on their family property in Outback Queensland… we’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, we LOVE a Country Wedding so were pretty excited!

One of the things we love most about Country Weddings is that everyone knows each other really well. It doesn’t matter whether there are 20 guests or 300 guests; they’re ALL super close and this complete ‘ease’ around each other really shines through on the day… as I’m sure you’ll see throughout their film. Not to forget how ‘open’ and hospitable they always are to us personally, like we’ve been invited into the ‘fold’ and it is such an amazing feeling to be technically working yet feel more like you’re there as a friend.

There were so many highlights for us! One of my (TJ’s) favourite things was that Heidi’s wedding dress (1 of 2) was worn by both her Grandmother and her Mother before her and I’m a serious sucker for this kind of sentiment making it’s way into a Wedding Day. Family is absolutely everything to them.

One of Shaun’s favourite thing was being asked to use his drone to capture the family property (again holding such a special place in H&S’s hearts) as well as Heidi’s Dad (who Shaun became the ultimate fan of because he was such a Legend).

Side Note: A little tidbit of info on Shaun, had he not have travelled to Europe, met me and subsequently followed his passion for film to create a life that allows us to work together he would have actually trained to be a Fighter Pilot (he used to fly throughout his teenage years) so when he gets to use his drone he’s one happy man as it’s the closest thing to combining both film and flying.

Heidi and Sandy are sweet and kind and most importantly, madly in love, and we are sooooo pleased that they fell in love with the film we created for their friends as it meant we were asked to play a part in their seriously beautiful wedding day. Hooray!