Sam & Pat, Elopement Wedding, Whitehaven Beach

When Sam and Pat contacted us about shooting their Elopement on Whitehaven Beach we said “Yes please!”

In their initial enquiry this gorgeous couple described themselves as ‘unconventional, romantic free-spirits’ so there was no surprise that they chose to Elope just the two of them. And what really made our hearts sing were their words “Wow! First off, just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for restoring our faith because we were beginning to feel like there were no videographers out there who suited what we were after… We love the moments captured in your videos as they’re not just merrily capturing the day, but the bits and pieces that matter. We love being silly together and being free to be ourselves, and a well-behaved, structured by-the-book videographer wasn’t going to do. We love that you’re quirky and creative! <3 We would love nothing more than to have you film our wedding…” With an initial enquiry like that we just knew we were going to get along and as you can imagine we were super excited to film their elopement wedding in the Whitsundays (a place we hold very close to our own hearts).

Unfortunately I personally couldn’t shoot their day in the end but for a fortunate reason; I was 8 months pregnant! So in the end Shaun shot this one solo. And as you can see he did an AH-MAZING job!

Sam made the most beautiful bohemian bride wearing a Grace Loves Lace dress, bare feet and a flower crown atop masses of gorgeous golden curls. Argh… just look at her! Such a babe! No wonder that Pat literally could not wipe the grin off his face.

We made two films for Sam and Pat; a 15-minute version including the audio/vocals from their day and this 3-minute ‘music only’ version. We ordinarily don’t like creating music-only films as our passion lies in telling each couple’s unique story using their vows and speeches as a kind of narration but in this case we found this song (sadly pretty much the ONLY credit I personally can take for this film is finding the music, haha), which suited their taste in music, their relationship and their day soooo perfectly that we decided to let the music do the talking. But! If you’d like to watch the longer version check it out on our Vimeo page.

We seriously hope you love their film and maybe, just maybe, it may inspire a few of you to elope as well (just make sure to bring us, both of us, with you too)!

A HUGE thank you to Sam and Pat for choosing us to share such an incredible wedding day, an intimate elopement and an all-round memorable experience… we are so grateful to be doing what we do as we get to meet such beautiful people like yourselves on their most special of days. (Ok I’ll stop now… before you all vomit a little with the over share of emotions; I seriously can’t be doing with anymore vomit with a 3 month old spew monkey to clear up after all day!)

We don’t often brag about the wonderful feedback we receive but in this case we would love to share Sam and Pat’s words as they literally brought tears to our eyes and we swelled with pride (I have a vision of Violet Beauregarde swelling up like a giant blueberry in Willy Wonka now. Is that strange?):-

“Wow… There are no words!!!

You two have truly outdone yourselves! We expected to love it but not THIS much. You have absolutely captured every laugh, every moment, all the beautiful words spoken, the sunset, so many wonderful candid shots and made us relive our beautiful day all over again. We are in absolute and utter awe how gorgeous everything was and how you have managed to bring out the spark and wonder of what was a day we will cherish forever!!

We cannot thank you enough. I knew when I found you online that you were both naturals at what you do – not just your typical videographers but artists who quite obviously love what you do and are passionate about every detail that goes into your films. I cannot recommend you high enough.

Pat and sincerely want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts, thank you! You have bewitched us, which is probably weird to say since we’re watching ourselves but we LOVE both films that much! We can’t wait to share them with friends and family.

We hope you both have been enjoying your new adventure as parents and that the blessings continue coming your way.

We are so glad to have met you and are eternally grateful for the beautiful film you have created for us.

Love Sam and Pat x”

  1. Valmay Hemingway
    Sep 8th

    WOW !!! That was so amazingly beautiful–thank you for sharing. I don’t even know these people but thoroughly enjoyed watching their video. Thank you Sam and Pat for sharing such a personal experience