Nathan & Jodi, Armidale

We always meet our couples prior to their big day; sometimes we can only skype (if they’re based interstate) but for ‘locals’ we meet in person. We meet couples for drinks, tapas, a croissant breakfast at our place or even, in the case of Jodi and Nathan… coffee on the beach with their gorgeous dog Basil. (Now we have our own puppy Angus we should definitely organise more working ‘doggy dates’ with our couples!) Jodi and Nathan LOVE their puppies so we knew we’d love THEM before we even met. And when we did meet them, they were the sweetest couple.

Their wedding was held at Peterson’s Winery and Guest House in Armidale which was such a lovely intimate setting and everything about their day was extremely personal to them, which is exactly how it should be. If you’d never met them before attending their wedding, you would DEFINITELY know them inside and out by the end of the day.

The highlights for us from Jodi and Nathan’s Armidale wedding? Easy; their super sweet vows, Nathan’s brother’s hysterical speech, Jodi’s overwhelmed mum getting all giggly during the ceremony and Basil licking himself inappropriately (that’s their dog remember, not a guest haha) when the celebrant spoke about him and everyone turned to look. Right. On. Cue.

We hope you enjoy Jodi and Nathan’s wedding film and that they inspire you to write vows as meaningful as theirs and to create a wedding day as personal to you as theirs was to them.

  1. Debra Fleming
    May 5th

    That was beautiful !!!!!!!!!!

  2. Carol Goodhew
    May 7th

    Wow !!! That mad e me cry !!! How Beautiful !! x

  3. Michelle Tanner and Co
    Aug 25th

    All I say is WOW!!! Love you both.