Michael & Nicole, Family Property

Of course every wedding is full of love and full of laughter but in all our years of doing this we have never seen so many kisses, back slaps, handshakes and bear hugs as we witnessed at Michael and Nicole’s beautiful wedding held on the family property.  Maybe it’s a Macedonian thing, maybe it’s a Singapore/Chinese thing or maybe it’s just because Michael and Nicole are blessed with such loving and warm families. Whatever the reason, it made me teary countless times on the day and even more frequently during editing.

Every single part of their spectacular day represented them both perfectly; their relationship, their style and their heritage. From holding the whole shebang on the incredible family property Michael grew up on, to the Chinese Tea Ceremony, the Macedonian dancing and the elegant styling; if you’d never met M&N before you’d come away from their wedding feeling like you’d known them for years.

All that aside though, the highlight for us, both on the day but even more so when it came to editing and telling their story through our film, had to be Michael’s speech. Absolutely incredible. Sweet, loving, unique, honest, funny and delivered so sincerely. Any Groom’s looking for a ‘how to’ on wedding speeches… this is it!

Apart from the awesomeness that was their wedding day two other random facts make Michael and Nicole the coolest couple ever:-

1) Nicole played the ‘Hot Asian Girl’ in Summer Heights High… and she is so hot (good casting)!
2) Michael’s Dad makes Michael cool (by association, haha)… he looks like Al Pacino, Al Pacino is amazing and so is Mike’s Dad.

We are super proud of this film but in all honesty it would have been hard for us to do a bad job with this wedding!

  1. Sheree
    Jan 25th

    Awesome wedding. From across the globe, it is always beautiful to see different wedding traditions but also…..to see so much love ❤🇨🇦