Janet & Ralph, 30 Years of Marriage

I love words; nothing means more to me than a love letter from Shaun or a thoughtfully written card (though I won’t deny I love presents too) that hasn’t simply been filled in with ‘to and ‘from’. But regardless of how hard I try, I’m no wordsmith myself. Every time I write a card or note to my perfect hubby (which is fairly often), I go on and on trying to explain to him just how much I love and appreciate him and everything we have together but no matter how many words I write or how much thought I put in to writing them I pretty much always end up writing something towards the end along the lines of “no words can adequately describe just how much I love you”.

And so I absolutely admire people like Ralph and Janet who have the most incredible ability to absolutely 100% put their love into words… in its entirety. When you listen to the words they’ve written you can’t help but hope that your marriage is, or will be, as perfect as theirs or that your partner loves you as overwhelmingly as Ralph loves Janet.

I cannot tell you how many times throughout the editing process I was reduced to tears every time I heard them so eloquently, and poetically, speak about one another. Granted the baby hormones probably aren’t helping but I’m serious; I just kept crying… every… single… time.

When we were approached to film the 30 Year Celebration of Janet and Ralph’s marriage we were absolutely flattered. Janet and Ralph are the inspired creators and owners of Villa Botanica, a place that means so much to us personally having been our own wedding venue. It was actually Janet that I spoke to when we first enquired back in 2010 and her passion for their beautiful venue and all things marriage was contagious from the get go. So although we knew that they must be incredible people to create a home and business that is quite simply ‘out of this world’, I don’t think we could have prepared ourselves for just how much that same passion and drive translates to every area of their happy lives… until we got to share their 30 Year Celebration of Marriage with them in person.

Please do yourselves a favour (and us as we would so love you to watch our film that we spent many many many hours creating) and spend 14 minutes watching, and listening, to the most beautiful love affair of all time. If Ralph and Janet don’t inspire you to put everything you have into creating a marriage as full of love, laughter, passion and companionship then nothing will. Word of warning, you better grab your tissues…