James & Rachel, UK

Happy New Year and what better way to kick off 2018 than with Rachel and James’ spectacular wedding?!

R&J were married in the UK at The Gallivant, Camber Sands and contrary to popular belief we do in fact get sun in Dear Old Blighty and boy was it shining on their big day!

The Epic Smoke Bombs provided by the Epic Emma of EpicLoveStory.co.uk (that’s a whole lotta epic), blue skies and immeasurable amounts of confetti made for the most colourful day and it was made even better by darn good speeches (you all know we love us a good speech), a barrel of Hennessy’s and a wedding crowd consisting of Jon-Snow-lovers, shot-drinkers and d-floor masters.

We have so much love for Rachel and James and wrapping up their film gets us super excited for 2018 as we’ll be returning to my (TJ’s) homeland in July and August to film more UK weddings… hoorah!

In James’ words: “One thing that Rachel wasn’t sure about was whether or not to get a videographer, so she’s ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ about it and then one evening she said “James, you know, I want a videographer, I’ve found the best guys, but they’re from Australia”. I was like “say that again? They’re from where? They’re from Australia did you say? Absolutely, no, no, no chance, no way!” So, we talked about it. We compromised…… There he is. And he’s come all the way from Australia.” So if you’re still tossing up on whether to book us for your own International wedding, I recommend taking a leaf out of James’ book… 😉

2018 sees us filming weddings all over Australia (Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Whitsundays and locally), New Zealand (Wellington and Queenstown), Fiji and Hawaii; what a year it’s set to be!