Izzy, Singer and Acoustic Guitar Player

Did you know that we also do ‘Commercial Work‘. Commercial work includes promotional or online videos for small and creative businesses, videos for Charities as well as music videos for singers and musicians… which brings us to Izzy…

Izzy is a  singer and guitarist establishing herself in the local live music scene on the Gold Coast (and beyond).

Izzy is young and her style is raw, natural, and not over-performed… just her and her guitar (and on occasion her harmonica-playing dad). So she just needed a raw, natural and not over-worked film to post online for her potential custom to view.  So that’s exactly what we delivered.

It’s a very simple film but its simplicity is what accurately shows Izzy’s style of performing.  Bars, Cafe’s, Event Organisers or everyday people wanting to book an acoustic musician for their wedding day or party, want to see WHO they’re booking and how they perform, not just how they sound. Izzy’s not a jazz-handed, crowd-working performer so making a complicated, super flashy film wouldn’t properly portray her easy-going, folk and Indie style… so we kept it real and kept it Izzy.

Check Izzy out below and if you want to book her for an event let us know and we’ll gladly pass on your details so she can get in touch with you.



  1. sean
    Dec 15th

    Love it! Looking great!