It’s all in the Music | Adam and Leah

So a few weeks ago we ran a Valentine’s Day Competition to win a short ‘engagement’ video.

The winners were drawn completely at random and what an amazing couple the winners turned out to be!

Adam and Leah are getting married next weekend so we only had a matter of weeks to find a time to film that suited us all and we also had to put a mad rush on the editing too as they wanted to show the video on their wedding day.

Adam came straight to the Gold Coast after competing in a triathlon and Leah met us looking like a million dollars even though she’d been spewing (self-inflicted) all morning following her hens party the night before. (You don’t mind us telling everyone that do you Leah?) And given all that they were THE best sports we could have hoped for.

When it came to editing the film we spent a few hours searching for the perfect song and when we did find it we also found a completely different version of the same song and suddenly we were in a bit of a pickle. Both songs looked equally as perfect with the ‘dreamy’ and ‘romantic’ footage but each gave the video a very different ‘feel’ to it.

So, even though we were completely under the pump to edit their film within a matter of days, we thought “Hey! Let’s give ourselves a little more work by editing the same video to two different songs!”

We spend a lot of time choosing the music for our wedding highlight videos… like A LOT. Our song choice is key to putting across the right emotion of the day and to authentically represent each couple. We thought we’d use Adam and Leah’s two engagement videos as an example to show you how even when the footage is identical in both and the songs used have identical lyrics… just the tempo and instrumental elements of the music can induce completely different emotions.

We would love to hear which version you prefer and the reason why as we seriously couldn’t pick a favourite! Comment below!

We really hope you enjoy them and we’ll be running similar competitions soon so watch this space!

  1. Gemma
    Mar 23rd

    WOW Gorgeous!!! hmmm, tough one, I see what you mean, they are both stunning!!! I would lean towards #1 it seemed to suck me in, in more of a romantic kind of way.

  2. Kellie Filmer
    Mar 23rd

    Awesome video guys 🙂 I went to school with Leah n Adam… U guys are so amazing at wat u do x

  3. Ellen Powell
    Mar 23rd

    Musical geniuses as per usual! My personal fave is number one as it has a softness that you have in the waves, as well as in her dress and hair. Plus I’m a huge romantic 😉 Great work guys!

  4. Natasha
    Mar 23rd

    Stunning! I loved the 2nd one, it seems more upbeat which goes so well with all the playfulness and with the male voice it felt more like it was telling their story.

  5. Vicki
    Mar 25th

    Congratulations to the lucky couple. Jealous of their win lol………..so beautiful. All the best for their wedding day. I love the 2nd version the best <3

  6. Natalie
    Mar 25th

    Fantastic work! Beautiful couple and awesome video. I’m leaning towards the 2nd as the music, to me, tends to pull more towards their playfulness, rather than the first song being more soft. Great job!

  7. Samantha
    Apr 17th

    Love them both!! <3
    I think my favourite is the second one, only because it's a bit more upbeat, yet still romantic. Love your work guys and can't wait to share our special day with you both :):)

  8. Christina
    Dec 29th

    Hi ShaunTj
    So after a LTFH video marathon with a finale of watching the same video twice just to checkout the diff the 2 versions make to the connection made to the couple, I would pick YOU GUYS TO FILM OUR STORY-tale! And also choose #2 in which the tempo suited the running chasing moments better.