Grace & Brenton, Villa Botanica

A lot of the time our wedding films evoke equal parts of tears and laughter but Grace and Brenton’s film is ALL tears… Happy Tears of course. It’s a pretty soppy one but seriously if you were there to catch Brenton staring (not in a creepy way) at Grace all day with absolute admiration you too would agree that a 100% romantic video was the way to go with this sweet, loving and gentle duo.

Shooting this wedding brought all sorts of happiness to our lives. Grace and Brenton are so warm, but even more importantly (yes this is more important), they invited us to Mexican the night before their big day so yeah they scored pretty high in our books! Their wedding was at the insanely beautiful Villa Botanica and this was the first time we got to visit and shoot there since our own wedding in 2012 (incidentally we have another 3 there before December roles around) so obviously it brought back many of our own happy wedding memories… and the staff are ridiculously nice… ridiculously. And to top it all off, we got to shoot with Shawn and Adam of Love and Water Photography who just so happen to be two of our very good friends… two very good friends who moved to Maui in Hawaii a week and a half later (which really sucks… for us not them) so this was their last wedding in Australia before they said “Bon Voyage”.

We are so glad that Grace and Brenton love their film because we LOVED creating it.

FYI, I caught Shaun crying whilst editing… and then I joined him.