Clair & Keith, Villa Botanica

I don’t even know how to start describing Clair and Keith’s wedding day… I suppose if I had to choose one word to sum it up it would be ‘laughter’. All day they laughed together, their guests laughed, their families laughed and we laughed.

Lemon Tree Film House is all about having fun whilst doing what we love and we most definitely did that!

Clair looked so gorgeous… like Jessica Rabbit… except not a cartoon. And Keith… well he didn’t look too shabby either. They were married at our favourite venue Villa Botanica in Airlie Beach and everything about their day was just perfect.

We met Clair and Keith a couple of months before their big day when they came to our home for a couple of beers. Well we knew that we’d get on with this super chilled couple when our puppy wee’d on them and they didn’t even flinch… I know, super professional client meeting! FYI, they’ve set a pretty high bench mark for you all now! No seriously, we knew this couple would end up being friends for life as soon as we met them, and not because our dog had marked them our territory, but because they have a relationship with each other that is so much like our own… absolute best friends who prioritise fun and laughter above all else.

It was an absolute privilege capturing their big day and we cannot wait to share future milestones with them too (come on guys, have a baby, now… like seriously, now).

I hope their laughter-filled day makes you smile…

Oh and Keith… what’s your new wife talking about here?

Clair and Keith - Girth

  1. Keith Thomas
    Mar 27th

    She is talking about GIRTH!!!!