Charky & Leon, Japan

When Charky and Leon got in touch with us about filming their weddings (yes plural) we were so excited. The first was to be held in Japan where they’ve been living and the second at Leon’s family property here in QLD (which we’ll be filming in October).

They had HUGE plans for their Japanese wedding and I mean literally, HUGE. Including a Guiness Book of World Records Entry for the most flower girls… and the total number? 253!

There was to be a Hanami Style Picnic under the cherry blossoms, 4 dress changes, 600+ guests and all sorts of wonderful things. As it turns out some of the plans couldn’t come to fruition as the weather was pretty temperamental but you know what? Charky and Leon maintained such grace and were champions about the whole thing so it was still such an awesome day full of smiles!

There were film crews from two TV channels there and at first we were worried about trying to ‘avoid’ them getting ‘in shot’ but then we realised something; our whole ethos is about capturing the day exactly as it happened so why avoid them at all? They were a part of it after all!

As it turned out, C&L had to cut the speeches due to weather issues so we didn’t really have much audio to tell their story but luckily one of the TV channels had actually interviewed them so we asked them for copies of the interviews in exchange for a copy of our film for their TV program….

And so our film took a WHOLE new direction to what we’d originally imagined but we absolutely love it!

It’s different, it’s raw and it’s honest. We hope you love it too!