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Brock & Alex, Elopement Film

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“HOLY SHIT!! My film just ended and I realised it’s after 11pm and I’m sitting in the dark with tears down my face and I’m stunned! How you two can find so much romance and raw feeling between two people using visuals and sound is just incredible and reminds me
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Oh Blighty, how we love you!

spring in england

* WE ARE OFFERING A HUGE 50% OFF WEDDING FILMS FOR WEDDINGS TO BE HELD IN FEB 2017 THROUGHOUT THE UK & EUROPE! * If you don’t already know TJ (that’s me) is from the UK and gave everything up to be with Shaun here in Australia. Now that’s love (mind
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Lemon Tree Film… Home?

lemon tree film house, kahlia litzow photography

Lemon Tree Film House is becoming a ‘Home’. And what does any good home need (other than a dog… obviously)… rugrats to make a mess, scream the house down and to walk in on their mum on the toilet – believe it or not we’re actually pretty excited for all
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Happy New Year! Now Go Eat Cake!

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With social media being inundated with the usual ‘New Year, New Me’ posts usually accompanied with goals to lose weight, get fit, stop eating carbs and the like, we’re going to sound a bit out of place… but that’s how we like it. Our goal for 2015 is to be
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A Sweet Old Lady and a Deserving Mother

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So remember that time we ran our awesome Pay it Forward Competition? Well if you don’t, the general gist was that we gave away a $3,600 video package to a deserving couple on the proviso that they also ‘pay it forward’ somehow. In the end we also gave away second
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