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Why it really sucks filming weddings for a living…


1) Having to spend our lives surrounded by happiness. Happy people everywhere… couples in love, proud parents, laughing guests… I mean, give us a break. We just want to hang out with some down in the dumps co-workers and demanding bosses; dealing with so much joy day in day out
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5 Free Things you can do to make your Wedding Awesome…


Weddings are super expensive. Even if you’re a DIY bride and choose to celebrate in your own backyard there is still a bunch of stuff you have to pay for and certain things (photographer, videographer, celebrant) that you really shouldn’t scrimp on if you want a decent job done. But!
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“Let me try to convince my partner and I’ll get back to you”

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“Let me try to convince my partner and I’ll get back to you”. We’ve heard these words from brides-to-be A LOT… TOO often that’s for sure. And here’s what we think. If you’re partner needs convincing that cinematography, or our work in particular, is a worthy investment for your wedding
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A Warm Fuzzy Feeling

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We receive lovely thank you emails, calls and cards from our couples all the time but we never ‘brag’ about it, as really, what proof do we have? After all every company, wedding videography related or otherwise, seems to dedicate a whole page to ‘customer testimonials’ but they’re all just
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It’s all in the Music | Adam and Leah

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So a few weeks ago we ran a Valentine’s Day Competition to win a short ‘engagement’ video. The winners were drawn completely at random and what an amazing couple the winners turned out to be! Adam and Leah are getting married next weekend so we only had a matter of
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