Carla & Jerry, Sirromet Winery

Carla and Jerry are THE sweetest couple! It seems quite strange then that they met in Court…. just to clarify they were working at the Court NOT on trial or maybe they were… no-one actually elaborated on that front. 😉

Carla pulls so many adorable faces unknowingly that she was so perfect to watch for hours and hours whilst we edited… every time she pulled a cute and quirky face we couldn’t help but smile back at her. Soooo many expressions and soooo much happiness!

I’m not sure what I loved most about this wedding… Carla’s dress was ridiculously stunning, Jerry was just so down to earth and besotted by his gorgeous wife and their contentment just radiated from them (which makes our job realllly easy)… but our favourite part of their wedding day was their Sunset photoshoot at Sirromet Winery.

It was so full of amazing light and the long grass and dusty road made for a perfect setting for this perfect couple. We worked alongside Tom Hall Photography who is always such a joy to work with as he’s so creative and passionate and with Carla and Jerry’s contagious smiles and candidness with the cameras, Tom Hall’s infectious enthusiasm and our own love of sun-kissed landscapes we were VERY happy cinematographers and had A LOT of fun.

We hope you love this film as much as we do!

  1. Maria Licastro
    Dec 4th

    You have captured the natural beauty and pure love of two gorgerous souls.

    Your work is incrediable.

    Maria lucastro