Brock & Alex, Elopement Film


My film just ended and I realised it’s after 11pm and I’m sitting in the dark with tears down my face and I’m stunned!

How you two can find so much romance and raw feeling between two people using visuals and sound is just incredible and reminds me of why I knew I wanted to be a Lemon Tree bride!

Even though we eloped, I can guarantee that any one of our friends who sees this film will feel like they were there, and I doubt there’ll be a dry eye in the house.

You gave me everything I wished for! THANK YOU!

The music sends chills down my whole body when I see our smiles and see the way we are looking at each other.

And those shots of my dress … it looked gorgeous!!! You captured it in it’s full floaty glory!! GENIUSES!

I feel almost as good right now, as I did on our wedding day.

I still can’t get over how many close-ups were filmed as I honestly don’t remember seeing you guys a lot. I couldn’t even hear footsteps in the forest from you and just like it says in your bio about your style, it was completely natural and un-staged.

And holy shit it is so captivating on-screen…

Seeing this tonight just means so much to me; not just because I got to see Brock’s face again, but seeing how you beautifully made all of our wedding come together.

From the location, to the perfect celebrant, and right time of daylight and also the 2nd photo location PLUS the package you made for us (including photography AND extra photos!) … saying ‘thank you’ just doesn’t seem sufficient. I feel like I owe something HUGE!

You guys are up there with the likes of my midwife. You were there on one of my life milestones, you went above and beyond, and you’re people we will never forget 🙂

The moment you guys took us on, everything rolled into place like clockwork. Even skyping with you two was a fun introduction.

Who knew such thoughtful, helpful and creative people existed?! And the fact that you two are a couple makes you one explosive powerhouse!! KA BOOM!!!!!

…I will always have this perfect film, of the day I married my buddy and when two people I found online gave me the wedding of my dreams x” -Alex