Brett & Hannah, Ravensbourne

Brett and Hannah actually said to us when we met with them “we’re not a very creative couple”… Check out their stunning wedding and I’m sure you’ll agree with me that they don’t give themselves enough credit!

Their simple but beautiful ceremony at Cloudlake Mountain Retreat was perfect and their outdoors reception at Ravensbourne Escape complete with feasting tables and a star-filled sky above was absolutely gorgeous.

Hannah got ready with her besties and her sweet mum at Cloudlake in the cutest, quirkiest (I wish it was my home) little cottage and there were native bees (sans stings) dancing around in the sun that literally looked like fairy dust… it honestly felt like magic (to me anyway)!

Something always stands out in my memory of each wedding and other than the pixie dust magical bees it was definitely watching Brett from afar prior to the Ceremony… he stood for a minute or two with his back to their arriving guests looking out across the lake and was so clearly overcome with emotion it took my breath away. I kept watching as his best buds noticed and soon joined him with a tissue and a pat on his back…. getting to watch people (in a not overly creepy way I promise) during these moments is something that I will never tire of nor will I ever feel anything short of thankful disbelief that we get to spend time with people in their most honest, raw and emotional of moments.

P.S. A big shout out to Leah Cruikshank who is the sweetest person and a ‘mean’ photographer to boot and did a kick ass job with photos whilst Shaun and I captured the moving pictures! X