Kate & Mark, Ewingsdale Hall

Kate and Mark

What’s better than witnessing a young couple madly in love about to tie the knot and start a wonderful life together? I’ll tell you… it’s a couple that have already created 3 gorgeous sons, that have already created a wonderful life for themselves and their boys but had never got
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Bec & Michael, Boomerang Farm

bec and michael

Bec and Michael’s Boomerang Farm wedding was a barrel of fun! Poor Michael had a broken leg and it was seriously causing him some grief but he held it together… until he saw his beautiful bride come down the aisle… then he lost his sh*t and it was oh so
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5 Free Things you can do to make your Wedding Awesome…


Weddings are super expensive. Even if you’re a DIY bride and choose to celebrate in your own backyard there is still a bunch of stuff you have to pay for and certain things (photographer, videographer, celebrant) that you really shouldn’t scrimp on if you want a decent job done. But!
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Scott & Kirsten, Osteria, Casuarina

scott and kirsten blog pic

Right now I’m eating breakfast with one hand whilst typing this blog with the other; I usually can’t do that. And not due to my lack of ambidextrous abilities (although I should admit to having spilt muesli absolutely everywhere for that precise reason; that could possibly be the most Hipster
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“Let me try to convince my partner and I’ll get back to you”

image only

“Let me try to convince my partner and I’ll get back to you”. We’ve heard these words from brides-to-be A LOT… TOO often that’s for sure. And here’s what we think. If you’re partner needs convincing that cinematography, or our work in particular, is a worthy investment for your wedding
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