Darryn & Lauren, Stoneridge Estate, Queenstown NZ


Darryn and Lauren were married at the incredible Stoneridge Estate in Queenstown, New Zealand surrounded by only 30 of their loved ones. And us. We are beyond privileged that we got to be a part of it. Darryn and Lauren met in their home country of South Africa but they had to
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Tara & Greg, Queenstown NZ, Stills

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Why it really sucks filming weddings for a living…


1) Having to spend our lives surrounded by happiness. Happy people everywhere… couples in love, proud parents, laughing guests… I mean, give us a break. We just want to hang out with some down in the dumps co-workers and demanding bosses; dealing with so much joy day in day out
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Alex & Josh, Spicers Hidden Vale


Words come fairly easily to me but trying to find words that adequately describe Alex and Josh as individuals, as a couple and as wedding (and of course, marriage) creators is next to impossible… but I’ll do my best. Alex and Josh are incredibly smart, insanely sweet and are so
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Kate & Mark, Ewingsdale Hall

Kate and Mark

What’s better than witnessing a young couple madly in love about to tie the knot and start a wonderful life together? I’ll tell you… it’s a couple that have already created 3 gorgeous sons, that have already created a wonderful life for themselves and their boys but had never got
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