Why it really sucks filming weddings for a living…


1) Having to spend our lives surrounded by happiness. Happy people everywhere… couples in love, proud parents, laughing guests… I mean, give us a break. We just want to hang out with some down in the dumps co-workers and demanding bosses; dealing with so much joy day in day out
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Alex & Josh, Spicers Hidden Vale


Words come fairly easily to me but trying to find words that adequately describe Alex and Josh as individuals, as a couple and as wedding (and of course, marriage) creators is next to impossible… but I’ll do my best. Alex and Josh are incredibly smart, insanely sweet and are so
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Kate & Mark, Ewingsdale Hall

Kate and Mark

What’s better than witnessing a young couple madly in love about to tie the knot and start a wonderful life together? I’ll tell you… it’s a couple that have already created 3 gorgeous sons, that have already created a wonderful life for themselves and their boys but had never got
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Bec & Michael, Boomerang Farm

bec and michael

Bec and Michael’s Boomerang Farm wedding was a barrel of fun! Poor Michael had a broken leg and it was seriously causing him some grief but he held it together… until he saw his beautiful bride come down the aisle… then he lost his sh*t and it was oh so
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5 Free Things you can do to make your Wedding Awesome…


Weddings are super expensive. Even if you’re a DIY bride and choose to celebrate in your own backyard there is still a bunch of stuff you have to pay for and certain things (photographer, videographer, celebrant) that you really shouldn’t scrimp on if you want a decent job done. But!
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