Nath & Ash, Fiji

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On our contact form we ask for three words that best describe you. Well Ash described herself with “Quirky. Happy. Mermaid.” and her partner, Nathan, with “Loyal. Funny. Giant-Nerd.” so we adored them from the get-go! Then we loved them even more when they asked us to come to Fiji
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Nick & Ash’s Engagement Party / Surprise Wedding – Photos

Nick & Metanah’s Engagement Photoshoot

Brock & Alex, Elopement Photography

Erin & Sam, Brookfield Hall

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“As you all know I’m a nervous OCD human-being and the actual act of proposing took years to plan out and replan but the decision that I wanted you to be my Bride took no time at all…” — Sam’s words to his beyond beautiful wife (inside and out) on their PERFECT
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