We Do Photography Too!

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Just to clarify, we absolutely LOVE to work alongside awesome photographers… In fact, we keep finding ourselves listed as ‘recommended videographers’ all over photographers’ websites which is super flattering. I think it’s because we’re super cruisy, don’t ‘stage’ anything and genuinely want your photographer to do an amazing job for you
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Nick & Ash’s ‘Engagement Party / Surprise Wedding

Nick & Metanah’s Engagement Photoshoot

Brock & Alex, Elopement Photography

Erin & Sam, Brookfield Hall

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“As you all know I’m a nervous OCD human-being and the actual act of proposing took years to plan out and replan but the decision that I wanted you to be my Bride took no time at all…” — Sam’s words to his beyond beautiful wife (inside and out) on their PERFECT
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Brock & Alex, Elopement Film

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“HOLY SHIT!! My film just ended and I realised it’s after 11pm and I’m sitting in the dark with tears down my face and I’m stunned! How you two can find so much romance and raw feeling between two people using visuals and sound is just incredible and reminds me
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