Belinda & James, Roberts Circa 1876, Hunter Valley

Belinda and James had the sweetest of Hunter Valley weddings at the beautiful Roberts Circa 1876 in Pokolbin… and we got to capture it!

We shoot ‘destination’ weddings all the time but this was our first (but not the last) Hunter Valley wedding… and it didn’t disappoint. Roberts Circa 1876 has the most stunning ceremony spot complete with a tree-lined aisle as well as a warm and whimsical reception area… it really is gorgeous and the food’s incredible too! All in all it was the perfect wedding venue for this warm, family-oriented couple.

Belinda and James had family coming from literally all over the world to celebrate their wedding day with them as well as a lot of family in South Africa who couldn’t make it, so our film was super important (no pressure!)

One of the things I personally love about Belinda and James’ relationship is that their parents have become extremely close and often catch up with or without their kids present, even spending Christmas’ together. With my own family all in the UK they don’t get to do the same with Shaun’s family so I totally envy them that. Belinda clearly cherishes that closeness too as she chose to have all the women of their two families get together to arrange the flowers on the morning of their big day; such a nice touch.

These guys were so romantic that they chose to hang out together before the ceremony… their own version of a ‘first look’ but off camera, because making sure they got to spend time together just the two of them on their big day was a priority. Although we do love to capture ‘first looks’, having seen so many couples barely get to spend a second together on their own wedding days, we actually really loved that they thought to do this.

James made the most thoughtful gesture to Belinda too by giving her a fence picket; the first step towards building a home together.

We hope you enjoy the film we made for one of our sweetest, most romantic couples to date.