Bec & Michael, Boomerang Farm

Bec and Michael’s Boomerang Farm wedding was a barrel of fun!

Poor Michael had a broken leg and it was seriously causing him some grief but he held it together… until he saw his beautiful bride come down the aisle… then he lost his sh*t and it was oh so wonderful to witness! The absolute adoration on his face was the BEST.

We still have to pinch ourselves sometimes when we think about how lucky we are that we get to see all these couples in love and share the happiest day of their lives with them… even if we’ve had a bad week ourselves we turn up to a wedding and it’s like Bam! Smack in the face! How lucky are we?! Look at all these happy smiling faces. We get to surround ourselves with love and laughter and we call it ‘work’?

Well Bec and Michael’s wedding day was no exception because boy there was a whole lot of love flying all over the place! They are the sweetest, most sincere couple ever and we are so happy that we got to capture their big day in all its loveliness.