April & Mike, Orange NSW

We’ve put A LOT of safety nets in the running of our business and production of our films to make sure we don’t, well, ‘screw it up’ but there are still lessons to be learnt now after 6 years of doing what we do. One such lesson is NEVER take a long-haul flight with only 24 hours as a buffer zone before the next wedding… especially when that wedding also happens to be a 12 hour drive away in Country Orange, NSW.

You live and learn… and after our 8 month old (at the time) daughter got horrendously ill out of the blue on the first leg of our journey home from Christmas in the UK (not drinking, eating, no wet or dirty nappies due to dehydration and she wouldn’t wake up at all), followed by projectile vomiting at Dubai Airport we rushed her to the medics and came THIS (imagine me holding my two fingers very very close together when I say “this”, haha) close to missing our connecting flight back to Australia.

To set the scene a little for you, we were literally sprinting through the terminals with vomit-sodden coats in our hands splattering unwitting passersby in our wake. It wasn’t pretty.

In the end though, our mad dash just (JUST) got us on the plane on time and we made it back to Australia with 24 hours to TRY to get some rest (with a baby that was still VERY unwell), pack all our gear up and drive 12 hours to Orange in NSW for April and Mike’s country wedding.

Yeah, as I said, you live and learn and thankfully, at no point (until now) did April or Mike have to know that we nearly missed their wedding and we will NEVER cut it so fine again.

Boy! Are we glad we made it though! A & M’s wedding was sooooo stunning. And you know what… these country-folk sure are nice! Their friends and families were such down to earth, accommodating and thoughtful people, but then, as you’ll be able to tell from A & M’s film, so are they.

We love it when a Bride does a speech, it adds her own perspective to the story-telling element of our films and April’s speech was super sweet. Mike nailed his own speech too so we were in our element. The setting was spectacular, the Bride absolutely gorgeous, the speeches personal and heartfelt and the guests couldn’t have been happier… our film was bound to be beautiful because their day was.

April and Mike loved it: “Hi Shaun and Tj, it’s April and Mike. After doing the most crazy jump and dance around the house this afternoon because the film arrived I then had to wait all afternoon for Mike to finish work. He finally came home and we have just watched it over and over and over again. It is incredible!!! Thank you sooooo much. It was the best money we spent on our wedding. You are provided us with beautiful memories that we will never forget. Sorry I had to text because I need you to know immediately we are that happy Xx”

We hope you all love it too!