Alex & Josh, Spicers Hidden Vale

Words come fairly easily to me but trying to find words that adequately describe Alex and Josh as individuals, as a couple and as wedding (and of course, marriage) creators is next to impossible… but I’ll do my best.

Alex and Josh are incredibly smart, insanely sweet and are so obviously a match made in heaven.

From the beginning they showed us nothing but respect; respect for what we do, respect for what we know, respect for the advice we had to offer and respect for us as people… not merely as ‘employees’. When we caught up over breakfast they listened enthusiastically to our ideas and made it clear from the get go that they had complete trust in us professionally and creatively… and there really is no greater compliment to us than to let us have complete artistic freedom.

They had ideas of their own too, ideas that we loved and ideas that would push us and so we created a custom package specifically for them… and boy did we run with it! Creating this epic 20-minute film that tells their story from start to finish (cohesively rather than just a bunch of nice words plonked in any old order as we see so often) could have been impossibly hard for us had they not so eloquently and poetically narrated that story themselves throughout their insanely beautiful vows and tear-jerking, heart-pounding, belly-laughing speech. They delivered their words with the sincerest expressions on their faces whilst looking at each other with what can only be described as complete ‘understanding’ of one another… like, “I get you; my heart is a reflection of yours” (I hope that makes sense… I told you I’d struggle with my words on this one). Oh man… I actually have tears in my eyes right now just thinking about it.

Their love for each other was, we believe, a reflection of the love that Alex’s parents so clearly had for one another too. We spend our ‘working’ days observing people, not just our couples but their friends and family as well and to me personally, watching and listening to Alex’s parents together and with their children gave me as much joy as watching Alex and Josh themselves.

So we’re going to share their film with you and believe me when I tell you that you’re the LUCKY ones to be able to share in their ‘story’, just as we are lucky to have met these two, to have shared this experience with them and to (we hope) call them our friends for many years to come… because you’ll want to be their friends to after getting to know them through their film.

Now be warned; it is a mammoth 20 minutes long but trust me when I say that once you watch the first 30 seconds the remaining 1170 will seem like time well spent.

  1. Sheree
    Aug 29th

    How lovely….once again Lemon a Tree video…you have made me cry at your beautiful capture of a wonderful wedding story❤️