Adam & Erin, Airlie Beach(ish)

There wasn’t a thing that we didn’t LOVE about Erin and Adam’s farm wedding.

The most beautiful family property in the country near Airlie Beach, a Tipi, pinata, the most INSANE amount of confetti (soooo good) and more importantly… a super relaxed vibe partying under the stars. It was just… PERFECT.

To give you a little background on this ridiculously gorgeous pair… I COULD start by telling you that they were school captains or I could give you a much better insight into their personalities…

(Erin’s initial enquiry with us): “I fell in love with your films on one of my Pinterest/wedding blog binges. I love the emotion your films evoke. I may have actually shed a tear or two which is an impressive feat as I am not typically an emotional person… the only movie I have even cried in was the Pokemon movie when Pikachu thought Ash had died. I showed your site to Adam who had initially said we don’t need a videographer, but swiftly changed his mind when he saw your work”

When your films match up to the emotional rollercoaster that IS the Pokemon movie?! Well you know you’ve made it.

I knew that we just HAD to be a part of this wedding the moment I read that email and Adam and Erin lived up to their legendary enquiry. They nailed this wedding business and I’m pretty positive they’re gonna nail the marriage business too!