We are Accredited Professional Video Producers

Our number 1 priority is that each film we create is an honest reflection of the couple and as a result they’re guaranteed to love it! Though we always strive for ‘technically’ brilliant films that is no way near as important to us as it is to produce films that induce laughter, tears and most importantly happy memories for our couples and their friends and families . (In fact we wrote a whole blog post titled ‘There’s no room for Ego’ about this core value of Lemon Tree Film House’s which is a nice little read if you want to know more about our approach to the ‘wedding videos’ we create for you.)

That being said though it is only human nature to seek assurance, respect and recognition from other industry professionals as well as clients, so over the last few years we’ve researched industry ‘awards’ that we could put ourselves forward for but the few we found are, unfortunately, complete shams… I wish we could name and shame them but we better not in fear that we may be run out of town by a hoard of angry pitch fork wielding, torch bearing wedding vendors that use the ‘system’ to their advantage.

There are quite a few specifically for photography that are legit though, such as ‘AIPP The Australian Institute of Professional Photography’. And at long last, just recently, AIPP finally launched their ‘video production’ division! So we submitted three films to be assessed by other professional film producers… and you wanna hear the result?

To become an ‘accredited video producer’ you must achieve a minimum of 75% over 5 categories and we achieved…. a whopping…. drum roll please…. average of 90% for the 3 films we submitted with one of them actually reaching 93%! Wahey!

It is a fantastic achievement for us knowing that we got such a high result when judged by a team of independent and unbiased professionals as it’s a legitimate assessment process where we receive constructive feedback rather than just a highly publicised ‘awards ceremony’/marketing campaign where you can, essentially, rig your own votes in order to win. For us, it’s not about using an ‘award’ to get more work, after all we only take on a limited number of bookings and often have to ‘turn away’ work as it is, nor is it about having a big shiny trophy that we polish daily and make sure to show all of our clients as if to justify the huge price jack we obviously are ‘entitled to’ now we have that big shiny trophy on our desk… no to us it was just great to get that reassurance from other professional film producers that we do a good job on a technical level as well as on an emotional level for our ‘clients’.

We still maintain though, that receiving an email or call from one of our couples to say how over-whelmed they are with their film, is by far the biggest achievement!