We’re Shaun & TJ

Everyone has their obsessions. Obviously we are FANATICAL about all things film related but our guilty pleasures come in other shapes and sizes too:

Love of Old and New

We love incredible new technologies, of course we do in our ‘line of business’. But if that new gadget can be made out of gnarly wood from a 500 year old boat then we’d love it waaaaaay more. Our films are a true reflection of this shared passion of ours and something that makes our films so unique is the way we incorporate both cinematic footage (new) and vintage-inspired (old) film and techniques.

Dogs, Big ones

Don’t think you’ll get any sense out of us if there’s a dog in the room to play with.


What do you get from tequila, a lemon tree and a bag of chips? One happy marriage. For us it all began with a Lemon Tree



We love music; our favourite artists range from The Black Keys to Bloc Party, Lana Del Rey and Angus & Julia Stone. The music used in our films is SUPER important to us and plays a huge part in the emotion evoked when watching them.

We've found life is better when all of the following are included: