A Warm Fuzzy Feeling

We receive lovely thank you emails, calls and cards from our couples all the time but we never ‘brag’ about it, as really, what proof do we have? After all every company, wedding videography related or otherwise, seems to dedicate a whole page to ‘customer testimonials’ but they’re all just written words with no real evidence of who they came from or authenticity. So, call us ‘cynics’ but we’ve always thought a whole ‘testimonial’ page was a bit much and more importantly, our work should speak for itself.

That being said, this email we received from Cara and Nick really did put a big smile on our faces and a warm fuzzy feeling inside, so we thought that we might, just this once, share their lovely words with you all.

“Hi Shaun and TJ,

I just wanted to email you to thank you for the magnificent video you produced for our wedding! This is going to be a long one, because I am fond of giving feedback (and I love the video so much).

I am SO happy we took your advice and didn’t allow mobile phones in the ceremony! While a couple of people may have been disappointed they couldn’t take their own photos, its so nice to watch the video and not see 50 multi-coloured iPhones, but see all the guests faces. I am so happy we did this.

You were able to capture all the most important things to me without me having to tell you to include them. I love how you were able to pick up what was meaningful to us and include it in the video. In particular the focus on family, the fun I had with my girlfriends, and the story of Nick and I. I loved all the funny bits, all the attention to detail and the beautiful music.

If any of your potential clients are thinking they want a wedding video but it’s a bit outside their budget – all I can say is to do it! Not only do we have a beautiful film now, but it was SUCH a stress off my shoulders on the wedding day to know that I had you guys documenting the whole thing-I didn’t have to worry about trying to remember peoples speeches or stress about the little details I might miss – because I knew that I was going to get a copy of all of this from you, and I could just sit back and relax and enjoy the wedding. It was such a gift to a worry wart like me!

I’m also glad we took your advice and took 15 minutes to ourselves to spend time together – it was so nice to chat about our day and have a break and absorb the fact we just got married before the party began.

Thank you both so much for a beautiful, personal and professional film. The overall experience with Lemon Tree Film House was wonderful- you were both so sweet and complementary on the day – plus you totally remained in the background (we hardly remember seeing you most of the day!) which resulted in some beautiful, natural footage full of real memories – nothing staged or fake.

I would happily recommend you to anyone. Thank you for being wonderful and for giving us a film that we will treasure forever.

Cara (and Nick)

P.S. every time I watch Elissa tell her STD joke I cant help laughing!!! haha”