A Sweet Old Lady and a Deserving Mother

So remember that time we ran our awesome Pay it Forward Competition?

Well if you don’t, the general gist was that we gave away a $3,600 video package to a deserving couple on the proviso that they also ‘pay it forward’ somehow. In the end we also gave away second and third place prizes too (big discounts off wedding video packages).

Well our fab first place winner Ainsleigh has been visiting her elderly next door neighbour, spending some quality time with her and generally giving her time and energy to brighten up a lovely old woman’s life. Such a perfect Pay it Forward idea! We could all learn to give the elderly more of our time that’s for sure! Unfortunately though we haven’t managed to score a photo of Ainsleigh and Lola (the sweet old lady) because Lola refuses to have a ‘selfie’ taken without her hair being immaculate! How funny’s that?! What a star!

Rewa, one of the discount wedding video package winners and all round sweetheart, has also Paid it Forward in a big way. Rewa chose to surprise a girl that she hadn’t actually seen for 15 years; they’d been good friends in high school and both happened to get engaged on the same day but unfortunately the school friend had been doing it tough… herself and her fiance working all hours yet struggling financially and sadly their little girl had been very unwell, in and out of hospital, adding worry and concern to an already stressful time for them. Throughout it all though she had remained positive and ‘got on with it’ with a smile on her face, so as you can imagine Rewa really admired her and chose to pay her good fortune forward by surprising her with an incredible gift of a “bridal pamper package”, so she could have a massage, get her hair, makeup and nails done, and in Rewa’s own words “just look and feel like a million bucks on her wedding day (because I know she wouldn’t treat herself to that)”.

Well, the school friend was literally blown away with Rewa’s generosity and thoughtfulness… check out what she had to say:-

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Our Pay it Forward Competition has made not only ‘our’ wedding couples super happy but now a sweet old lady and a deserving mother too! This literally makes our hearts sing and we hope it makes yours too!

Rewa loved surprising her old school friend so much that she’s decided to do something really nice for someone at least once a year and to get her friends in on the Pay it Forward scheme too! I think we’ll do the same, after all, we ALL have something to offer, whether it be our time, our help, or even financially; we can all bring a big smile to someone’s face!

On that note guys, if you read this and it inspires you as we hope it does, we’d love for you to also Pay it Forward by surprising someone deserving with a kind gesture when you’re next feeling lucky in life and please make sure to let us know if you do!