A Surprise Wedding

In late March we were lucky enough to film Bec and Jay’s Wedding at Dust Temple Art Gallery in Currumbin Waters on the Gold Coast. (FYI this venue is awesome, we highly recommend it!)

Bec and Jay’s wedding was like no other as it was a complete surprise! Their guests just thought they were going to an Engagement Party; they had no idea what was actually in store for them.

This was our first Surprise Wedding so we were super excited to be chosen to create Bec and Jay’s Video. We worked alongside Lucas and Co Photography who are a husband and wife team and are two very cool kids and two very cool photographers. I’d check out their work if you’re in the process of looking for a photographer for your wedding, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

We cannot stress enough how stepping outside the box with your wedding day plans pays off big time in making sure that its an honest reflection of you both and more enjoyable for everyone there! Enjoy the film; it’ 15 minutes long but well worth watching in full!

I’ll let Bec tell you about why they made the decision to throw a Surprise Wedding and hopefully she inspires you to also push the boundaries with your own wedding plans.

“Once we were engaged, we couldn’t wait to start planning our dream wedding! We began to research photographers, videographers, dress makers, venues etc etc. We soon realised that we couldn’t simply ‘throw this shindig together’, for the date we had decided on in 9 months time! Not to worry, we chose another date in a do-able 16 months time and got to work.

I did what I thought you were supposed to and attended a couple of wedding expos. I tried to suppress my desire to cringe, as I saw many ‘brides’ frantically taking notes, squeezing into dresses on the ‘sale rack’ and snapping at mum to grab brochures and goodie bags. I then began to read a few online wedding blogs and bought some bridal magazines. I was overwhelmed with how ‘full on’ this all seemed! I just want to marry the man of my dreams, couldn’t it be that simple!

The final straw was when we went to an open day at our selected venue. Armed with a clip board and a ballpoint pen, the wedding planner proceeded to robotically take notes on what colour chair covers we wanted and whether we wanted chicken or beef. We came away feeling like our wedding was stock standard and out of a box!

One afternoon, we joked about how funny it would be if we surprised everyone and got married at our Engagement Party in 4 weeks time! ‘Imagine their faces!’ we said, and laughed hysterically. However, the more we thought about it the more we liked our idea.

That night, we booked a celebrant, notified our photographer, cancelled our original wedding venue and ordered a wedding dress online! We were actually doing this! After we had made the decision to get married at our Engagement Party, everything came together so easily. We didn’t have time to dawdle around, which made the decisions so much easier to make!

The evening was exactly what we had dreamt of. We were able to have all of our friends and family there, to party the night away with. Because there was no ‘wedding’ expectation on the night, everyone was so relaxed and ready to let loose! Most importantly, our surprise wedding was exactly what we both wanted – an amazing venue, plenty of good tunes and lots and laughs!

We were so happy with how our wedding turned out and would do it all over again in an instant!” Bec

  1. Bec McDonald
    Jun 17th

    Oh my goodness. WOW!!! Words cannot describe how Jay & I feel about the masterpiece you guys have produced for us.
    After excitedly receiving your gorgeous little package in the mail, we had a mini movie night last night and sat down with a glass of wine to relive our wedding. What can I say. We were absolutely gobsmacked amazed in absolute awe!
    We laughed and cried the whole way through! It is so special. You guys are so so so incredibly talented. All of the special moments you have captured. The emotions. The excitement. I went to bed last night with the biggest grin on my face, picturing all the moments in the video! You guys have gone above and beyond. We will treasure this film for the rest of our lives.. We can’t wait to share it with everyone to see!
    Again, thank you both so much!! You really have put massive smiles on our faces!

  2. michelle brooks
    Jul 16th

    This was a pleasure to watch… one of the best or even the best wedding video ever! It caught all the emotions of everyone involved and was put together all so clever! What a great keepsake and an unreal wedding..
    would highly recommend these guys for a wedding video… Or any special event. :))

  3. Sheree
    Jul 28th

    I love your videos……….they always make me cry happy tears……well done!